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A gathering place to help support you in your journey to balance, bliss, and well-being.

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Welcome to our yoga collective!
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We offer classes in 8-week sessions. You can always join a session, even after it’s already begun!
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4:00 Qigong Infused YogaTM with Tracy (60 min)
Tracy is a certified Qigong Infused Yoga™ teacher. This practice is a fusion of Gentle Yoga and Qigong combined to offer the benefits of both ancient healing arts practices. Qigong Infused Yoga™ is a tranquil, beneficial and powerful mind-body practice that relieves physical, mental and emotional tension effectively.
5:30 PM Vinyasa Yoga (60 min)
Create inner heat as you move with your breath through poses that will improve your balance, strength and flexibility, as well as open and expand your emotional body and heart. Open to all levels.


9:30 AM Slow Flow Yoga with Alexandra (60 min)
A wonderful class for those that would like to move at a slower, gentler pace while still honouring the Flow through a relaxing sequence of poses. Props and support are encouraged to assist with balance so you may centre your awareness and relax fully into the moment of each posture. Emphasis on breath and gentle movement to deepen flexibility, relaxation and mindfulness. Open to all levels.

9:30 AM Vinyasa + Yin with Tracy (75 min)
Flow with the breath through strengthening and heating poses in vinyasa, as well as sink into meditative stillness in yin. Finding a balance between movement and stillness in our practice can help us find balance in the rest of our daily life.

6:00 PM Flow Yoga with Alexandra (75 min)
This class offers a strengthening sequence of asanas with some inversions moving gracefully from one pose to the next, encouraging you to go at your own pace, feel your body, center your awareness and relax fully into the moment. Emphasis on breath, dynamic movement to deepen flexibility, increase range of motion and healing mindfulness and relaxation.

5:30 PM Flow Yoga/Yin Yoga Combo with Alexandra (60 min)
The first half hour is a gentle flow of relaxing postures encouraging you to feel your body, center your awareness and relax fully into the moment followed by Yin for the remaining half hour to increase circulation and improve flexibility of the connective tissues working low back, hips, groin, upper thighs.  A nice balance of dynamic Flow and Yin tranquility to wind down from the day. Open to all levels.

9:30 AM Gentle Flow Yoga with Alexandra (75 min)
A wonderful way to ease into your weekend with gentle, meditative movements and healing and relaxing sequence of postures, encouraging you to feel your body, center your awareness, and relax fully into the moment. Open to all levels.

9:30 AM All-levels Vinyasa with Tracy (75 mins)
Create inner heat as you move with your breath through poses that will improve your balance, strength and flexibility, as well as open and expand your emotional body and heart. Open to all levels.

11:00 AM Yin Yoga with Alexandra (60 min)
Yin Yoga helps to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility. A meditative practice to encourage inner silence and interconnectedness between the posture, breath and your awareness. All poses practiced on the floor, working low back, hips, groin, upper thighs. Deeply relaxing, calms the mind and reduces stress. Open to all levels.


You can choose to take classes with Alex, Tracy, or both! We each charge the same rates (see below).
Passes can be used any time during the eight-week session. Just let your instructor know your class preference.
Passes expire at the end of the session.

Number In-person Online
Cost Rate Cost Rate
5 classes $75 $15/class $50 $10/class
8 classes $108 $13.50/class $70 $8.75/class
12 classes $144 $12/class $90 $7.50/class
Drop-ins $20 N/A N/A N/A
Monthly Unlimited
*both teachers
** both online and in-person
$134 Lorem ipsum

Our Studio

We’ve put a lot of love and care into making this space worthy of our students, so that it can reflect the intention they bring to our classes. Our space is special to us and we consider our studio to be a very important part of our yoga and wellness offerings.

Blockhouse yoga studio
Blockhouse yoga studio

My Lifeline

“Just as Covid reared its ugly head, Tracy Murdoch and Alexandra Nedergaard opened their new Yoga Studio  in Blockhouse N.S conveniently located at an intersection just outside Mahone Bay. Their heart and dedicated professional approach to each of the practices carried  us, their yogis, through the dark days of  our harsh Covid winter. They began zoom online classes and gave us the opportunity to maintain our practice as well as keeping in touch with our Yoga community💗I encourage you to check their studio out. There are many different classes that would appeal to any age and physical ability. They have been my lifeline and I owe them both my heartfelt gratitude!😘😘


About Us

Blockhouse Yoga is the result of the union of two thriving South Shore yoga practices. Our intention in merging our energies is to offer you more opportunities to get in touch with your strongest, healthiest, most balanced self. This union symbolizes the true meaning of yoga (from the Sanskrit word meaning to join or unite).

Alexandra Nedergaard


Alexandra Nedergaard has been teaching Yoga in Toronto and Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, since 2000. Her classes weave playful reverence with yoga philosophy, postures and breath work, designed to meet you where you are. She welcomes practitioners of all levels, encouraging them to move authentically on the mat. Alex’s exploration to the practice is an ongoing life long journey with a fresh and unique approach that includes many other styles of yoga. Her classes offer a varied blend of options for everyone to enjoy no matter where they are in their life or yogic journey. She is a well trained, seasoned instructor that brings a depth of experience and knowledge to her classes with gratitude and grace.

Alexandra Nedergaard
Alexandra Nedergaard

Tracy Murdoch


I am a farmer, mother, wife, yoga teacher, reiki facilitator, pranassage practitioner, chanter, medium and more. I live with my husband and son in a beautiful part of the world, the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. Our little piece of the earth we call Mirella Rose Farm, and you can click that link to find out more about our food and sustainable growing practices. You can also visit my yoga page, Balance to Bliss.

Tracy Murdoch
Tracy Murdoch

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    Find Us

    We are located at 566 NS-325, at the intersection in Blockhouse, Nova Scotia. We share a building with Sam Ali’s General Store.


    Parking is available in front of the studio and to the left as you face the entrance. After 5 PM and on weekends, you may also park at Printer’s Corner, kitty-corner to the studio. Please see the map for details.

    We respectfully request that you reserve parking directly in front of Ali’s General Store for customers of the store.


    Park where you see a P on the map. Click image below to see enlarged version.