Yoga Class Bookings (10-class Pass)

Use this page to book a class or classes with Alexandra or Tracy.

You may only book spaces in class up to fourteen (14) days in advance. For example, if today is the 1st of the month and you want to book a space for the 23rd, you’ll need to wait until the 9th before that space becomes accessible in the booking calendar.

Click Here for Detailed Booking Instructions

First, check the boxes for the classes you want.

Then click “Start Booking”.

A new button will appear that says “Click here to select dates and times”.

Click this button to open up the calendar. You will see available dates appear in bold. Unavailable dates are greyed out.

Select the date you want to start booking on. If the date you want is greyed out, there are no slots available for that date in the classes you have selected. You will only be able to select dates 14 days in advance of today.

When you have selected the date, a box will appear with the class name, date, and number of available slots. Select Reserve Spot. You must do this for each class you want a spot in.

When you have selected all the spots you want to reserve, click the large button at the top of the screen that says CHECKOUT.

You will then be asked to enter your name and email (required). Phone number and message are optional.

You must then click click Reserve Spot at the bottom of this form. Your booking will NOT be registered if you don’t click this button.

You will then receive confirmation emails for the classes for which you have registered. These emails will be coming from and may go to your spam folder.

Click Here for Cancellation Instructions

You may cancel a booking yourself during the booking process below. When you receive your confirmation email, it will contain a cancellation link you can follow if you wish to cancel your class later.

Please note our 24-hour cancellation notice requirement. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the start of class will be considered as a used class.