Interview with Somatic Practitioner Fiona Leckenby

We had the pleasure of chatting with Fiona Leckenby, Somatic Practitioner who helps people suffering from trauma injuries connect to their body’s resilience and power. Another great practitioner in our community offering healing and support. Check out this informative and interesting interview for these interesting times.

Fiona offers her services at Zenith Physio Pilates located at 25 Keddy Bridge Road in Mahone Bay. Contact her through her website.

1 thought on “Interview with Somatic Practitioner Fiona Leckenby”

  1. Fiona is amazing. I stumbled into her practice and discovered that the universe had taken me right where I needed to be. She helped me with a physical manifestation of residual trauma that had impacted my life for several years. She is amazing.

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