Pranassage with Tracy (60 minutes)



Purchase a one-on-one hour-long Pranassage session for deep relaxing and healing.

As a certified Pranassage Practitioner, I offer deeply relaxing 1-on-1 yoga sessions. The recipient is moved into a variety of yoga poses and then my hands are used to draw your attention to various parts of your body in each pose.

The intention of this practice is deep relaxation and the basis for this modality is “Where awareness goes, prana (energy) flows”. Pranassage helps to bring awareness into the body, and your experience of sensation helps to move the energy, which provides balance and relief to every part of your being. Some recipients also notice, as their body is moved into poses by the giver (me), there is the ability to go deeper than was previously possible.

You can read more about pranassage on my personal website.