No More Sciatica!

‘I hurt my back and my sciatic nerve was giving me grief.  I’ve had sciatica twice before and was almost incapacitated. I wasn’t sure I could do Alexandra’s chair yoga class, but I did and low and behold, my back isn’t aching now. I have no pain in my back! Yoga is wonderful! Thank you!’ View Full →

Committed to Helping Students

Hi Alexandra,I just wanted to thank you for the extremely valuable session today. You are such a good teacher–observant, patient, and precise–and so committed to helping your students improve their yoga practice. I am lucky to have had you as my teacher for so many years.  


Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful session. I have been really struggling as we all are at different times during this covid journey. Alex’s classes have been a constant in my life and I am truly grateful for these classes. They centre me and give me peace. -C.M.

True Support

Thank you, Alexandra. Your classes have been a true support through this challenging time, and I am grateful!

Online Option a Great Opportunity

I’m so glad Alex and Tracy offer the live online option!  It is such a great opportunity when life gets busy, you can just slip into a class from the mat on your floor!! Not just an awesome way to get there in an instant but also the shift of a class happens in the View Full →

Amazing Mentor

After taking my yoga 200 hours training about five years ago, I met Tracy and joined her yoga class. I’ve not looked back since joining and continue to follow her practise. She has helped me to find strength during difficult times and has been an amazing mentor all through the sharing and teaching of yoga! View Full →

Competent Instructor

I’ve been attending Tracy’s gentle yoga classes off and on for several years following my retirement. Through Tracy’s guidance and patience I was able to attend classes prior to and following knee replacement surgery. Tracy was always willing to show me adaptive poses and was very instrumental in keeping me motivated to get moving and View Full →

Grateful for Grounding

Thank you, thank you, thank you….I would have never believed that Alex’s yoga classes would provide so much grounding in a time of such upheaval! The classes provide a one hour escape and allow me to re-centre my mind and relax my body.

Great Results

I was so happy to be able to do yoga online with Alex over the last year due to covid. I live in Ontario and have been able to keep up with my practice and I’m so happy to feel the great results from my classes with her. My favourite class is the chair yoga, View Full →

Very Therapeutic

I have been attending Tracy’s gentle yoga classes for several years, first at the LCLC, and then at the former Salt Spa in Bridgewater. I am now happy to be joining her at her new studio in Blockhouse. As a senior it is a very important part of my week, helping with physical, mental and View Full →